Somebody’s Hero uses improvisational theater to teach bullying prevention techniques in Oklahoma schools.


Somebody’s Hero uses improvisational theater to inspire students to stand up and do something about bullying in their school. We put the audience in the driver’s seat, allowing them to direct our players through scenes that explore what bullying is and how it differs from teasing. We empower students to develop non-violent, effective strategies for intervening whenever they see bullying happen.

Each program includes a workshop that will prepare a select group of students to step on stage and perform with our players!

Somebody’s Hero is on the Oklahoma Arts Council’s Performing Arts Corps roster. Their easy-to-get grant will cover 75% of our fee plus travel.

Perfect for 3rd-6th or 6th-8th grades.

Now booking for the 2015 / 2016 school year.



“My student came to talk to me right away.”

- Councilor, Lewis and Clark Elementary

“You smacked it out of the park.”

- Teacher, Lewis and Clark Elementary

“Come back anytime.”

- 4th grade teacher, Red Oak Elementary

“The children are already using the skills in other areas of their life.”

- Counselor, Lewis and Clark Elementary



Enough already! Come to our school!

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