Our Program


A Somebody’s Hero school program includes a two-hour workshop for up to thirty students, plus a one-hour performance for the entire school.

Our workshop students learn the basics of short-form improv. Then we invite them to act with us onstage during our school-wide performance!

Workshops and performances can be targeted to any range within 3rd-8th grade.

Student Workshops

Many skills required for successful improv - listening, cooperation, acceptance, teamwork, creativity – are also great anti-bullying skills! Students practice improvisational theater techniques, then apply them to act out bullying-related scenarios. By the end of the workshop, not only are they prepped to perform with our players, they are poised to become anti-bullying leaders among their peers.

Teaching Goals:

  • Students learn a variety of short-form improv games, including “Freeze,” “Top That,” “Three Line Scenes” and more.
  • Students exercise skills in speaking, listening, language and stagecraft.
  • Students learn components of storytelling.
  • Students discuss, act out, and deepen their understanding of various bullying situations.


Four Somebody’s Hero players present an interactive choose-your-own-adventure-style theater experience for your entire school. Audience input drives every scene as our players work with students to define bullying behavior and develop helpful, non-violent responses. Games, humor, and even improvised music help students engage with and absorb the material. This kind of interaction generates impact students will never forget!

Teaching Goals:

  • Students define bullying behavior, including imbalance of power, intent to cause harm, and repetition.
  • Students distinguishing between bullying and teasing.
  • Students learn tools for deflecting bullying behavior. These include: Say “Stop”, Be a Friend, Rescue, and Report.
  • Students learn which tools to apply in which situations.


Enough already! Come to our school!

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