Teacher Responses


“The other teachers are jealous.”

Councilor, Lewis and Clark Elementary


“I had no idea the level of quality the improv would bring.”

Ruth, Arts Council representative of Wilburton, Ok


“We want you back.”

- 3rd grade Teacher, Panola.


“You smacked it out of the park.”

- Teacher, Lewis and Clark Elementary


“Come back anytime.”

- 4th grade teacher, Red Oak Elementary


“They loved it.”

- Mike Mooney, Photographer for Oklahoma Arts Council


“The children are already using the skills in other areas of their life.”

- Counselor, Lewis and Clark Elementary


“When can you have a high school program ready?”

- Vice Principle of McClain Tulsa Public School


“My student came to talk to me right away.”

Councilor, Lewis and Clark Elementary


“Our kids are so quiet, but you got them to do improv.”



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